A Day in the Life – lived in the present

I had resolved not to use this blog as a diary, just recording daily events.  But today has been such an extraordinary day that I will make an exception and give you a peek at what passes for living in the moment these days.

The day began with a visit to the Gastroenterologist to have my 28-inch long feeding tube replaced with a button.  But due to a communications failure, I was not told to fast before coming in and have someone to drive me home.  I assumed this was an easy external procedure, but nooooo.  So I was sent home with my tube intact and the procedure rescheduled in two weeks.  No big deal.

Then had a terrific meeting with the CEO of Reston Interfaith – I have just begun to serve as board chair.  RI has been providing high quality services to our neighbors for over 42 years – affordable housing, emergency shelter, food and other direct services, quality childcare and community support resources.  Our CEO, Kerrie Wilson, is an extraordinary leader and she and I have developed a very supportive and energetic relationship over the years, so my becoming Board Chair is an opportunity for us to continue to work together on so many important projects.  In this meeting we laid out a plan for the new fiscal year and reinforced the positive energy we each bring to the task.

Then home to have a tasty lunch – chili through my mouth and Ensure through the tube.

The big event of the day was a play date with my favorite (and only) grandson who leaves for camp in a few days, so this was our last chance for an adventure for a month.  Spencer is 14 and full of energy so we decided to go kayaking at Mason Neck State Park – a wonderful location on the Potomac with a large wilderness area that is home to many species, including bald eagles.  We drove there in my convertible on a hot but wonderful afternoon, rented two kayaks, managed to get them in the water with the aid of the helpful ranger, and spent about an hour paddling around the bay and having a wonderful time.  We saw eagles, osprey, herons, and other species. After our paddle we spent some time with the Rangers looking at the exhibits, including snakes and spiders.

Then we drove back to Spencer’s house. As I was walking up the front steps I stopped paying attention to my walking, lost my balance and tumbled down the steps, landing on my shoulder and head.  Happily only bruises, but my son and daughter-in-law were wonderful caretakers, plying me with ice and Advil and hot cookies. After a while I felt fine and drove home to welcome Roz home from a late day, have some dinner and write this blog.

So all in all, just a wonderful day here in the present.  As full a day as before this evil disease began to haunt me. Surrounded by loving family and friends, being of service, spending quality time with people who depend on me for guidance and inspiration so an opportunity to teach, and many opportunities to learn.


All I can hope for is that tomorrow is as full of wonder as today has been – and I am sure it will be.

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7 Responses to A Day in the Life – lived in the present

  1. Lindi Mallison says:

    Wonderful. Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone Please enjoy the typos ~

  2. Eva Keach says:

    Priceless and wonderful.Thank you so much for sharing…All my best.

  3. You are an amazing person, but we knew that before this terrible disease became part of your story. So glad that family, which has always been most important to you, continues to be your rock.

  4. Glad to see you wearing a pfd, Stu. Good example for Spencer. Have to admit, I was exhausted before you got to the fall. Maybe go a little easier today-just a class 4 rapids, a ropes course, and some bungee jumping!

  5. Jody says:

    You are truly an inspiration. Thank you.

  6. Donna Shaffer says:

    I thought my day was busy until I read your blog. You are amazing, Stuart, and I’m glad you had such a productive and wonderful day.
    You will be happy to know that my Long and Foster office did a spruce-up job at 3 of the RI homes yesterday morning. It was hot, but fun….

  7. Dave Curtin says:

    I still miss my pal. Stu was one of a kind.

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