Learning to sit quietly.
In a meeting.  At home.
Living with my thoughts –
It can be lonely.
But think of conflicts avoided
And loves not strained
And listening without plotting.
Now I hear.

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4 Responses to HEARING

  1. rdg2013 says:

    Nice poem, Stu. I recently did my first five-day silent meditation retreat. I’m not the world’s best listener. (Yes, read between the lines on that one.) I’m still amazed and amused at how much calmer I am when I don’t feel the need to speak without listening first.

    As always, I am inspired with every post you make.

  2. Karen B. says:

    And we, sitting at our computers, reading your thoughts; “hear you” loud and clear!!

  3. Eva Keach says:

    Wisdom well expressed

  4. Beautiful I know exactly what you mean !



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